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If your practice refers patients to Advanced Radiology we currently offer two solutions for viewing patient images and reports.

1. Merge MRP: (Referring Physician Portal)
(Recommended for most practices)

Our Referring Physician Portal is a browser neutral website that provides your practice real-time access to patient information including reports, images, and exam statuses.  MRP also allows emergency and referral lookups for new patients.
2. Merge PACS: (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

Merge PACS is a full featured client based image viewer that requires specific versions of Java and Microsoft Internet Explorer to be installed on every workstation utilized.  Merge PACS is best suited for our referring physicians who view high volumes of exams they did not refer to Advanced Radiology, or who require extra functionality to assist with surgery preparation, etc.  In some cases accounts may be setup in PACS and MRP.

To request access to your patients' images and reports please download, complete, and return a copy of our PACS/Portal Account Request/Privacy Policy Agreement Form for each staff member requiring access to our systems.  We will then determine which of our systems will better serve your needs, setup your practice, and contact you with your account login information. We also offer training upon request.

For information about or assistance with PACS/Portal access please contact our IT support team.

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