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A complete range of outpatient services are available

The goal of Advanced Radiology is to provide the general public the option of having diagnostics completed in a comfortable outpatient setting.

We want to make your diagnostic experience as simple and easy as possible. Advanced Radiology offers a wide range of procedures including; Percutaneous Biopsies, Abscess and Fluid Drainage, Myelography, RF Ablation of the Lumbar Spine, Epidural Steroid Injection, Facet Injections, Selective Nerve Root Blocks and Vertebroplasty.

Be a wise consumer and when your physician schedules you for a diagnostic exam ask the following questions. How quickly can I be scheduled? How soon will my physician get my report? How many bills will I receive? Can I choose where I want to have my diagnostics done? You do have a choice!

Asking these questions will help you choose the best facility for your exam. The service you receive from Advanced Radiology will surpass that of other facilities. Advanced Radiology will schedule the same day or at your convenience with precertification. Advanced Radiology sends your report the same day of your diagnostic scan to your physician. You receive one bill which includes all costs from Advanced Radiology (known as global billing, which includes the technical fee for the diagnostic exam and the professional interpretation by the radiologist). No additional charges.

Tell your physician you want to be scheduled at the most convenient outpatient facility available, Advanced Radiology.